Travel Rewards

Travel rewards have a uniquely lasting impact on customer engagement with your brand. Each time your customers recall the remarkable reward travel experiences they shared with family and friends, the positive associations with your brand and products are reinforced. In many cases, it has the added effect of changing them from customers to brand advocates as they talk about those experiences and your brand with others in conversations or on social media. Connexions offers comprehensive travel rewards solutions including air, hotel, car rental, cruise and activities that can be added together or individually to bring compelling value to any new or existing program.

Booking a flight can be perplexing with potential for budget-breaking travel fare surprises. Even seasoned travelers may need help navigating sometimes confusing and hidden add-ons. With OpenBook, our newest Rewards Suite feature, you can arm your customers with upfront, easy-to-understand airline pricing comparisons. OpenBook uses simple symbols to instantly convey exactly what your customers are getting with each fare, ensuring less friction and greater satisfaction.

The largest loyalty-only travel supplier

Travel rewards available through Connexions eCommerce platform or API

Generate additional revenue through up-selling and cross-selling

Deep understanding and refinement of the travel customer experience

Airline Tickets

  • Access to 450+ airlines including low-cost carriers
  • All classes of service
  • Upfront, easy-to-understand airline pricing comparisons through OpenBook
  • 2.2 million tickets booked annually


  • Access to 700,000 unique price points across 400,000+ properties worldwide
  • The largest network of pre-paid rooms
  • Nearly 1 million room nights booked annually

Car Rentals

  • Preferred rates with nearly 300 car rental providers in 195 countries
  • 1.3 million car rental days booked annually


  • Access to all major cruise lines
  • Staffed by tenured cruise desk agents for offline, customized bookings
  • Bonus point promotions available

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