Rewards Shield

Connexions Rewards Shield®

Verify redemptions with advanced loyalty fraud detection and defense

Loyalty fraud is a growing problem. In the airline industry for example, 72 percent of loyalty programs have been prey to fraud, one industry group reports. Miles and points accumulating in loyalty programs around the world are real currencies whose increasing value has attracted the attention of criminals. In the U.S. alone, 3.3 billion loyalty program members have stored points and miles worth an estimated $48 billion. Hackers and thieves see loyalty currencies as easy, relatively unmonitored targets. Your customers expect the same level of security and privacy for all their accounts.

Connexions Rewards Shield can help protect your organization from:

• The cost of stolen rewards and replacement points or miles

• Lost customers and future revenue

• Negative social sharing related to fraudulent redemptions and lost points

Product Features

How to Detect Fraud

loyalty program fraud detection

Do you know if someone is stealing your customers’ rewards? Knowledge is key to powerful protection. With extensive experience managing loyalty programs for some of the largest banks, airlines and auto manufacturers, we know loyalty and how to detect loyalty program scams. Using this knowledge, we identify loyalty fraud trends across our clients' programs and across industries. Our proprietary rules engine considers over 600 different elements for identifying fraud. It is customized for your loyalty program and regularly updated to effectively respond to the latest fraud trends.

Defend Against Loyalty Fraud

Loyalty program fraud investigation

Rewards Shield helps you eradicate fraud and protect your customers. As it identifies and links suspicious events across our clients’ programs, Rewards Shield triggers alerts. This all-encompassing approach targets events that may not be caught individually. When we find evidence of loyalty fraud, our dedicated fraud investigation team provides all subsequent servicing to help resolve any detected issues. And beyond the sophisticated detection and investigation tools and procedures, Rewards Shield is dynamic, ever adapting its defenses to help fortify your loyalty rewards program.

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