MotivEngine® Incentive Manager

Build customer loyalty with an incentive program designed to reward specific activities related to customer retention, acquisition and service.

Build Customer Loyalty at Every Touch Point

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MotivEngine is the perfect incentive tool for rewarding specific activities throughout the customer experience lifecycle. Leading automotive, travel and financial services companies are using MotivEngine as a complement to their existing points-based customer loyalty programs – using rewards and incentives during critical customer touch points.

How It Works

MotivEngine enables easy deployment of offers by front line employees, call center staff or anyone with responsibility for ensuring customer engagement and satisfaction. Through MotivEngine's intuitive online dashboard, your employees can send offers in just a few clicks. Each campaign features your company's brand and a custom-curated selection of rewards.

Create the campaign.

Identify the customer or group.

Send the offer.

Redeeming a MotivEngine offer is just as easy for your customer:

Receive a reward notification email.

Enter the campaign code to be presented with a variety of relevant rewards.

Select the most attractive reward option.

MotivEngine® Uses

Customer Acquisition/Product Sales

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Help your brand stand out in a crowded marketplace. Upgrade your one-size-fits-all approach with a customized selection of rewards from Connexions. MotivEngine helps you...

Introduce your brand to potential customers

Increase transactions from existing customers

Reward potential customers for product trials

Replace mail-in rebate programs

Up-sell and Cross-sell

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Deepen your relationships with your customers by introducing them to additional products. Boost profits through the sale of ancillary services. MotivEngine helps you...

Increase adoption of new products

Promote ancillary products sales

Increase transactions from existing customers

Customer Service/Service Recovery

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Do you have a way to say "I'm sorry" when things go wrong? A Harris Interactive survey reports that 92% of consumers will continue to do business with you if they feel that their issue has been appropriately addressed. MotivEngine helps you...

Resolve issues before they turn negative

Increase engagement during product recalls

Offer a variety of incentives to supplement future discounts and vouchers

Surprise & Delight

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Do you thank your customers for staying loyal to your brand? What other behaviors do you want to reward? MotivEngine helps you...

Reward customer anniversary achievement

Incent customer engagement with your brand

Create triggers that support your unique goals

Consumer Rewards

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We deliver more than $2 billion in consumer rewards annually from our unmatched inventory. We source top-brand gift cards, merchandise, digital downloads and more so you don’t have to. We work with multiple suppliers and thousands of brands, ensuring availability and excellent pricing.

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