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Chris Barnett
Vice President, Marketing

"I believe foremost in two things — discontent and curiosity. Discontent leads us to the remarkable over the mundane while curiosity leads us to ask “why?” and then “what if?” This is the mindset we bring to our work."

As Vice President, Marketing, Chris Barnett leads Connexions' marketing organization, including brand, product and consumer-level marketing initiatives. With over 20 years of industry experience, Chris is a loyalty marketing expert with experience leading customer strategy development, implementing innovative marketing initiatives, and designing leading loyalty programs.

Prior to joining Connexions, Chris was Partner & VP, Strategic Services with Ogilvy where he designed, developed and managed loyalty programs and engagement initiatives for B2C and B2B blue-chip clients within the travel, retail, insurance, finance, media and entertainment industries.

As a former VP, Analytics at Ogilvy, Chris' work benefits from a deep knowledge in marketing analytics, consumer research, CRM solution design, media mix, segmentation and customer insight, campaign optimization, roadmaps and implementation, business case development, and program management.

Chris has been a contributor to industry thought leadership and publications on the topics of consumer engagement, loyalty program design, customer experience, consulting issues, and other industry-specific topics.

Chris holds a B.S. in Economics from Minnesota State University at Mankato.